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Project // Woodbine
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The Challenge

To build a rigid flag system, with minimal stress points.

A challenge existed where flags were required to add a whimsical sense to the Woodbine racetrack grandstand facility, and our solution needed to improve upon flapping flags that have a tendency to scare the horses. The environment six stories up with winds coming from multiple directions at once was a key issue to deal with, coupled with minimum maintenance requirements due to accessibility.

The Result

We discovered a piece of hardware being used for similar though slightly different requirements. We worked with the inventor, Wes Wilkenson, to adapt it to our specific objectives. We tested multiple prototypes until we were satisfied that a solution had been determined. We adopted an empirical approach during this testing period and after thorough testing, installed a full set on the grandstand. They have been subjected to sever cross-winds and have survived winter storms as required.

Client Feedback

“All property services people who were part of the project have been amazed by the resilience of the system. Their experiences with the old system which required regular maintenance, and failed, allows them to recognize the accomplishment associated with our solution.

Brian and his team are used to us throwing challenges at them. We know they will catch them, run with them and provide recommendations that will work.”

Property Services Management Team

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Project Timelines

This one took a few months because we were developing prototypes to test against the worst conditions we could throw at the project. Prototypes got progressively better and then we found a piece of hardware that addressed all the challenges that we were trying to overcome. A little adaptation and we ended up with a robust system that requires zero maintenance and ensured that all parameters determined in the opening stages were successfully met.

Parts of the Puzzle

A banner system that was totally silent. No flapping to distract racing horses. Severe wind conditions six stories up on a grandstand that experienced crosswinds across and up and over as well as head on. The location required minimum maintenance due to accessibility. The previous system required regular greasing and failed catastrophically. Our’s has been up for two and a half years and is performing flawlessly.


Minimize the mechanicals. The more parts; the more opportunities for failure.

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