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Project // Clearwater Ponds

The Challenge

Take an existing logo and adapt it to a fresh new look that would become a consistent theme for fleet, trade show and signage branding.

We started by designing vehicle graphics that were used on everything from pickup trucks to minivans to dump trucks. A consistent design was applied to all vehicles. For trade show signage, we maintained that consistency and applied it to the displays. And when they opened a bricks and mortar store, we came in to help there, too.

The Result

They continue to grow. They are strong marketers in their own right and we work well with creative types who know what they want. We are in the business of making it happen. What they do continues to drive their business through quality workmanship. We can relate. We liked their work so much; we became customers.

Client Feedback

“We needed to establish a brand that we could use on our fleet of trucks and extend the imagery to our bricks and mortar and trade show presence. We love the fresh look and have adapted it for many uses. Brian and Jan were receptive to our ideas and the combination of all contributors led to a solid image that has contributed to our reach for more customers.”

Corey Downes – Partner

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Project Timelines

Working with Clearwater required a phased in approach as new vehicles were brought into the fleet and a bricks and mortar presence was established. Dd it all up and a couple of years flew by as we supported trade show activity, promotional signage, retail store signs and updating graphics on the fleet.

Parts of the Puzzle

Coming up with an effective concept that would lend itself positively to multiple colours of existing fleet vehicles. Ensuring installations were efficiently scheduled around client work processes. Truck were needed to be on site when projects required and any applications needed to be done quickly and finished when promised.


We learned the importance of the three golden rules when designing out door treatments. 1. Get attention. 2. Show potential customers why they should pay attention 3. Give them an easy way to learn more.

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