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Project // Blue Sea Philanthropy

To support last minute order requirements as needed by satellite groups associated with charity events.

We were contacted to produce signage needs that support charity fund raising across North America.

The Result

Achieved all deadlines. Blue Sea relies on us to get our job done so they can focus on doing theirs. They continue to grow and do more and more good across the continent.

Client Feedback

“I’m delighted to recommend Brian and his team at Big Picture Imaging for two main reasons. First, the quality of their craftsmanship is exceptional. I’ve ordered thousands of signs the past four years and they just always look amazing. Plus, they are always boxed, wrapped, neat and tidy when I pick them up. That says something to me. Second reason I recommend them is price. When I consider what I get, the service I receive and the hassles I never experience, their pricing is remarkable.”

Brian Carney – Team Leader

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