Many businesses do not optimize the impression they are generating because they think that their logo is all they need to let people know that they have found the place they are looking for. But what about the thousands that go past that have no clue what you do? Are you using your sign tho illustrate why it is a benefit to them to know how you can provide products or services that they may need now or in the future?

When you go out next time, try some sign spotting. How many times do you see something like this?


Maybe this company spends a lot of money on advertising so that people will recognize the name and understand what it represents, But what of all the people who missed the ads? Like me. I decided to look this up and discovered that it is a line of jewelry items. Maybe the window displays help people associated the name with the product, but for a few dollars more this company could have added a tag line that they probably have invested in any way and made it a part of the sign. What is the value proposition of this company? Why should people care?

The people who operate this company know what this brand means. But why is that important? The potential customers out there should be the priority and consider your signage from their perspective. How can you help them understand what you do.and specifically, how can they benefit from knowing that?

Here is a much better sign.

It’s not better aesthetically but it communicates what the company does. It is telling everyone who may have septic needs that these are your guys. Drive past this 100 times on your way to work and who are you going to call first when you have septic needs.

The trick is to combine some eye candy to get some attention. Communicate something that can be recognized as valuable enough to to retain. And finally give them a way to find out more information. However, that is becoming less and less critical as all people have to do is pick a few key words and maybe a geographic location, enter into a search engine and you can find a website and contact information is nanoseconds.

Get a sign that does more than make your business look pretty or inform your employees are going in the right door. Make it an effective ad that communicates why people should care what you do.


The same rules that apply to your sign should also apply to your corporate vehicles. They serve the same function in advising potential customers of how you can serve and the bonus is you can park them by your business to add extra signage that no sign by-law has any jurisdiction over. This one below has eye candy, benefits clearly expressed and a way to secure more info if interested. Bam! a sign that sells, or  ore importantly, gives potential customers a reason to buy.