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Here at BPI, we’re all about finding solutions to sometimes tricky challenges for our clients. At the start of every project, of any size, there are always bound to be immediate questions that need answers. Below you will find a short list of the most commonly asked questions, and our common answers to those questions! Should you still have a particular question for our team regarding any aspect/s of our products or the way we do things at BPI, please contact us directly today.

Can you do…?

We probably get asked this question as much as the total of all others combined. We know what it’s like to just have a lack of idea where to turn to produce something specific. Our current clientele has grown accustomed to asking us first, because they know that if we dealt with it already; we can figure it out and deliver high value in the process.

Who did your vehicle wrap?

We did!

What is the process if I want a car wrap?

We get together to discuss what makes you special. Why should people care about doing business with you, in the case of a corporate or small business graphic treatment. We determine what is the most important communication objective and then we give you a quote that includes a consultation on how to communicate it effectively. If the numbers make sense to you, you put down a deposit and then comes:

1) Proof or proofs as we nail down the look that hits YOUR mark.
2) Final approval on art
3) Production and scheduling of installation
4) Car dropped off previous night washed (wax free). This allows all moisture that gets into cracks and crevices to dry completely.
5) We fine tune detail the cleaning first thing to ensure best adhesion of vinyl
6) Installation
7) Balance paid and you drive away at the end of the day.

How long will my vehicle wrap last?

We use UV resistant inks and we then use a film over-laminate that increases the UV resistance by a factor of five times. We use professional installers and premium grade vinyl’s. We avoid all the shortcuts. There are cheaper companies in this game in town, though we sincerely believe we offer the best value. We have had some customers that have said five years later, “it looks like the day you put it on”. We have a secret sauce in our production process that leads to a higher than average finished product and we care as much as you, or more, about the quality that comes out of our shop

Do you provide design support?

Absolutely. We have in-house designers and we also have some specialty professionals that do more than make a design look pretty. We aim for functionally effective, attention-grabbing graphics and print production solutions for our clients.

Any ideas for an upcoming trade show?

Yes. There are so many options and we take into consideration booth space, ease of set up and tear down, ease of transport. We also provide an initial consultation that encourages people to STOP at your booth versus doing the vacant stare as they walk by, because their brains are overloaded with visual stimulation and the smile that is plastered on your face just isn’t doing the job.

Can you re-do our booth using existing hardware?

Yes, however sometimes hardware gets tired and loses its structural integrity. We are happy to take a look at what you have and if it’s still sturdy; we can update it. That includes retractable banner stands. Some are designed for change-outs though many lack of it . Our experiences with a variety of systems can quickly determine if a no change-out system can be handled by our experts.

Can I use this jpg?

Jpg image files are generally fine to be viewed on a computer screen, though for print production; the bigger the final image the bigger the file needs to be. The bigger the files; the better the final quality. If the quality of your file is less appropriate; we can help or explain what is required for best quality print production.

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Answering Your Questions

Got a question or need a hand with something in particular? Great, we’ve got the answers you need. Please head on over to our Client Resources page where you can find handy information.

If you have a question that needs further information, give us a shout directly by phone or email – and our team will contact you upon receipt.

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