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Many businesses do not optimize the impression they are generating because they think that their logo is all they need to let people know that they have found the place they are looking for. But what about the thousands that go past that have no clue what you do? Are you using your sign tho illustrate why it is a benefit to them to know how you can provide products or services that they may need now or in the future?

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The environment that your retail operation has to do more than just house your products. It needs to communicate to your customers a reason to patronize your store. Whether you are selling computers, sunglasses or automobiles; how your environment triggers emotions is very important to turning a browser into a buyer.

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Want to Wrap Your Vehicle? Here is what you need to know first.

We have been co-ordinating and producing wraps for over 12 years and have done literally hundreds of wraps from a toy truck to its 53’ brother. The information in this booklet will help you to know what you don’t know about what you need to know. Don’t worry. The information provided will be clearer than that. Pictures included of before, during and after, throughout, with more on website which will assist in helping you have the background knowledge that will help you decide who is the highest value resource in supporting your marketing decision.

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A trade show is an opportunity for you to meet and greet a whole new group of potential customers in one place in a managed period of time.

The challenge is in your competition and I am not referring to other companies that sell the same product you do. It is your competitors for attention and you will never have a harder environment in which to make yourself stand out. Every one is “polluting your environment with a visual cacophony so intrusive that it makes it very hard to rise above the noise.

But there are a few tips and its not about spending a lot; its about spending it right.

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Have you ever thought about changing the colour of your car but hesitated because your thoughts go to a devaluation associated with “not original” paint?

Now you can do just that with no fear. It’s a process called vinyl wrapping and in recent years; quality of materials has improved so significantly that with a good installer it’s hard to tell the difference between paint and vinyl.

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